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Mozambique: Manhiça Marist School

Thanks to your donations, the new school building of the Manhiça Marist School in Mozambique was completed. The official opening by the Marist Brothers took place on June 11, 2022. The Manhiça Marist School consists of various sections, including the preschool, which accommodates 80 children. The new building also has space for another 40 students, for a total of 120 children per year.

The new school forms an environment to support boys and girls living in remote rural areas. The school can also be attended by needy children who have the right to a quality education. In addition to another donor, our team has contributed a share of construction costs in the amount of €15,250.

The Marist Brothers in Mozambique thank us with a heartfelt “Vergelt’s Gott” for the quick help.



Pilgrimage women donate to Africa

Pilgrimage women donate to Africa

The pilgrimage women from Landshut have been loyal to the Marists in Furth for 35 years now. This time, a donation of 300 euros was handed over, for which Frater Andreas (on the right in the picture), himself active in the mission in Kenya for over 30 years, and...

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