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June 25, 2022: New board of directors elected

At the general meeting on 25.06.2022, the board of directors was newly elected. The two advisory board members were also reappointed by the board. This provides the basis for further solid management of the association.

The entire board would like to thank the members for their trust!



April 30, 2016: Maristen-Fürsorge- und Missionsverein e.V. becomes
Maristen Solidarität International e.V.

After 90 years of our foundation, the general meeting on April 30 this year set the course for a refreshment of our association. A new contemporary statute, adapted to the current guidelines, and also a new name, which was chosen by the majority as

Marist Solidarity International.

Certainly for some members of our association at first some getting used to and at the first moment not immediately clear why such a change was necessary; it means – briefly in three words – an increase in content and a greater significance for all groups that currently support our mission work.

Marists – a clear program of our mission, which can best be translated in German as “Maternity in the spirit of Mary”.
Solidarity – caring, compassion, helping, collaborating, supporting, or “having a heart worldwide”….
International – Marcellin’s dream and desire: All the dioceses of the world come into our field of vision!

There is the slogan: “The name is already the program” and this should also be important for us in the future!

Marzellin’s great concern has always been: All dioceses of the world should become our field of activity!
Internationally – where 99% of our donations go. Even secular organizations will find it easier to support us, if mission is understood as a mission in its true sense. The largest mission association in Germany – the Misso – once developed out of the Ludwig-Missions-Verein.

We Marists are currently socially engaged in 70 countries around the world.

This year a small group of volunteers will go to Orore in Kenya to organize a vacation program for orphans – here too we have already promised our support.

Our association and information magazine “Continents” has also been drawing attention to our worldwide mission for 50 years through its name alone.

With kind regards – and counting on your continued goodwill

Your board of directors

Visit from Rome to Marist Solidarity

Visit from Rome to Marist Solidarity

(from left) Peter Dierl, Francesco Mastrorosa (Project Manager FMSI), Rita Melzl, Maria Rita Pala (Project Manager FMSI), Brother Andreas Krupp. As in previous years, our association received a visit from the Fondazione Marista Solidarieta Internationale (FMSI) from...

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Pilgrimage women donate to Africa

Pilgrimage women donate to Africa

The pilgrimage women from Landshut have been loyal to the Marists in Furth for 35 years now. This time, a donation of 300 euros was handed over, for which Frater Andreas (on the right in the picture), himself active in the mission in Kenya for over 30 years, and...

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