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Ivory Coast: Installation of the dispensary at the Centre Scolaire St. Marcellin Champagnat in Bouaké

Thanks to the financial support of our association, it was possible to build a dispensary at the Marist School Centre Scolaire St. Marcellin Champagnat in Bouaké in 2020. The project was financed entirely with donations from home in the amount of € 5,000.

With the purchase of new nursing equipment and the revision of the existing structure, 1,315 students of the kindergarten, primary and secondary school and 64 teachers will receive better health care. At the same time, the health center is available to everyone in the local community. The goal is to care for sick students and prevent illness in the school, important especially in this time of coronavirus. The nurses collaborate with the association of local doctors and nurses, who also provide medical services at the school on a rotating basis.

Our sincere thanks to all donors and supporters!

Pilgrimage women donate to Africa

Pilgrimage women donate to Africa

The pilgrimage women from Landshut have been loyal to the Marists in Furth for 35 years now. This time, a donation of 300 euros was handed over, for which Frater Andreas (on the right in the picture), himself active in the mission in Kenya for over 30 years, and...

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