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Cambodia: LaValla Marist School in Takhmao

Many young people with disabilities live in Cambodia. Some have been disabled since birth, others have been disabled by diseases (polio, stroke, meningitis) or circumstances (accidents, mines or as a result of the civil war and the Khmer Rouge regime). Their disabilities have denied them normal opportunities for a better life. Most of them come from poor families and live in rural areas where there are no facilities to support them. Rehabilitation services, financial and human resources remain limited. The lack of education has become the main problem for children with disabilities in Cambodia as government support for their schooling is very limited. Children and young people with disabilities need a formal and accessible education and vocational training that prepares them for employment. Discrimination is another major problem for people with disabilities.

In order to help these disadvantaged young people, the Marists in Cambodia run the LaValla School in Takhmao near the capital Phnom Penh, a facility for children and young people with disabilities to rehabilitate. Above all, financial resources are needed to equip the students with school materials, for the salaries of the teachers, for health and rehabilitation care and for food for the disadvantaged students and young people.

Upon request from Cambodia in August 2022, our association has already provided €20,000 from general donations. More donations are urgently needed. All donors in advance a warm “Vergelt’s Gott”!


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