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Ghana: Kindergarten and primary school

Our good mother school in Sabin Akroform is one of three Marist schools in Ghana. It is considered one of the best educational institutions in the whole country. However, the classrooms were in a very poor condition and suffered from permanent overcrowding. 60 – 95 children per class were not uncommon. Children with disabilities could not attend school at all due to lack of space.

It was therefore urgently necessary to build new classrooms and toilets as well as to modernise the existing facilities and purchase new classroom equipment and new playground equipment. This made it possible to admit about 200 new boys and girls per year whose parents cannot afford school fees.

The entire renovation was made possible by our team with donations from home amounting to 13,000 Euros.

The local Marist Brothers thank all donors with a heartfelt “Vergelt’s Gott” for their kind support!

Pilgrimage women donate to Africa

Pilgrimage women donate to Africa

The pilgrimage women from Landshut have been loyal to the Marists in Furth for 35 years now. This time, a donation of 300 euros was handed over, for which Frater Andreas (on the right in the picture), himself active in the mission in Kenya for over 30 years, and...