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Syria: Earthquake relief (with thank-you video by Dr. Nabil Antaki)

When the Blue Marists from Aleppo asked for help at the beginning of February, it had to be done quickly. As first aid for the earthquake victims in Aleppo, our missionary association was called upon to provide 30,000 €. Our association has set up its own budget especially for emergency aid requests and so it was possible to help quickly and unbureaucratically with a financial donation. First and most important, apart from the clean-up work, were dry shelters, medical care and daily meals. In addition, child care could be set up in the rooms of the Blue Marists, which had remained undamaged.

The Blue Marists are a group of religious brothers and lay Marists who are inspired by the spirituality of St. Marcellin Champagnat to live the Gospel in daily life with simplicity, modesty and humility. This group consists of a leadership team made up of a Marist Brother and 8 lay people (5 women and 3 men), as well as 155 volunteers and staff. Under the name “The Ear of God”, they have been caring for the poorest Christian families of Aleppo since 1986, providing support and assistance in the areas of housing, education, health and work.

Dr. Nabil Antaki of the Blue Marists expresses his sincere thanks for the uncomplicated help with the following video: