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(from left) Wolfgang Laug, Peter Dierl, Andrea Rossi (General Director FMSI), Johannes Räpple, Brother Andreas Krupp.

As in 2019, our association received a visit from the Fondazione Marista Solidarieta Internationale (FMSI) from Rome, the central coordinating body for Marist support projects around the world. This time our association was able to welcome the Director General of the FMSI, Mr. Andrea Rossi, from Rome.
Andrea Rossi, responsible for the worldwide Marist projects, thanked us for the good cooperation and support. In total, more than €142,000 could be given to Marist projects through the FMSI in 2020.
The goal of the meeting was to get to know each other and to further develop the cooperation. The task of the FMSI is, among other things, to coordinate and document the allocation of funds from various aid organizations. In this way, it will be possible to use donations in an even more targeted manner and to react more quickly in acute situations. New projects for our association were also discussed, such as the Fratelli project in Lebanon, which enables about 600 refugee children per year to attend school.
The cooperation with the Roman central office is of great importance for the Further Association in order to guarantee a fast, particularly effective, transparent and cost-neutral use of the donations.