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(from left) Peter Dierl, Brother Bernhard Tremmel, Brother John Lavnge Nyuydine, Monika Dierl (not on the photo is Brother Max Meier).

Board member Peter Dierl and advisory board member Monika Dierl visited the Marist mission station in Sen Monorom during their Asia trip on March 06, 2018. The project is located in the province of Mondulkiri only a few kilometers from the Vietnamese border. Brother Bernhard Tremmel showed on a tour through the diocese the projects that could be made possible with the help of many donations from the Mission Society from Germany. Among others, the students’ residence in Sen Monorom, the kindergartens and the preschool classes in Bousra and Dak Dam were visited. The concept of helping people to help themselves was particularly impressive. For example, the kindergarten teachers and teachers employed today have all successfully completed the Marist School. In order to be able to continue running the facilities, the Mission Society again transferred 18,000 euros in donations in 2018.

Brother Bernhard and Brother John thanked all donors with a heartfelt “Vergelt’s Gott!