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(from left) Dietlind von Feilitzsch, Peter Dierl, Brother Andreas Krupp, Franz Hummel.
Our association Maristen Solidarität International (MSI) was pleased to receive a generous donation of € 2,000 from the Furth Horticultural Society. “To give to the needy is not to give, but to sow”. This motto can be used to describe the donation campaign of the Furth “gardeners” – represented by chairman Franz Hummel and Dietlind von Feilitzsch. MSI chairman Peter Dierl and advisory board member Brother Andreas Krupp were very happy about the joyful surprise and emphasized that today it is not easy to get new donors for the Marist works for children and youth work. Especially in the last few years, they said, large projects had cost a lot of energy and commitment, such as the health project in South Sudan and the construction of a new boarding school for girls in Pailin, Cambodia. In addition to MSI’s maintenance of many existing worldwide projects, a new feeding program for children of tea pickers in Bangladesh was also launched.

A heartfelt “Vergelt’s Gott” to all initiators and members of the horticultural association!